Tuesday, 19 September 2017

An overview on Venetian polished plaster

It happens many times that the Venetian polished plasters on walls make the interiors look so beautiful that you get lost staring at it. The intriguing colors and the glossy finish charm you and leave you mesmerized in the enchanting schema of the room. Your eyes find the finest details of the exquisite designs scattered throughout the room. 

If you are charmed and captivated by such walls, then it means that you are a fan of polished plastered spaces. If you are tired of using wallpapers or paints, then choosing Venetian polished plaster is the way to go. You can now decorate your walls using this plaster and get winning admiration from all. The decor bestows a look to the walls, dominated by panache. There is variety with a refreshing feel, which was until now lacking. In fact the walls add a zing of flavor, which is contemporary and yet classical.


Venetian polished plaster owes its origin to the artists of Roman times. This is the d├ęcor that used to be quite famous in the ancient times but it went out of fashion. However, it was rediscovered during the early sixteenth century and now due to the innovations in the field, the exclusive look is very famous among people. With the added effects and high quality of the plaster, it’s not only used in homes but in galleries and museums too.

If you are a home owner and are looking to renovate your home or even if you are building a new home, you can trust polished plaster to give a beautiful finish to your walls. The best features of the plaster are that they can be waterproof, doesn’t chip off easily and therefore, provide you with a lasting look. Fine plasters, lime putty and marbles are the key ingredients, which together with the various colors and application modes brings versatility to the final look. You can say that this plaster gives a brand new look to your walls and make your interiors shine. There are many options you can choose from when it comes to Venetian polished plaster. If your walls are being handled by artistic and creative experts, then you can be sure that you would get a beautiful and lasting finish which would leave your speechless.

Cost overview:

Most of the paints and wallpapers rip off your pockets and leave your with nothing. So maybe you think that polished plaster is quite expensive as well whereas the truth is that there are many varieties of polished plaster that are made to suit the demands and price expectations of the customers. These varieties include Venetian, Tadelakt, Pitted, Travertine, Armuralia and Duturo. If you choose from one of these types, it is highly probable that you would get reasonable rates for the walls. 

What to look for in a company:

If you have taken on a project and are looking for a company that specializes in polished plasters then keep in mind that experienced companies provide more durable products. They know the skill of mixing and matching colors and the end products turn out to be the most luxurious looks for the walls, columns and ceilings. . And despite looking lavish, some decorative plasterers play their part to keep the costs to as low as possible. To ensure imparting the elegant feel in a budgeted way, the decorators offer applications, which might not even require covering the whole place, but would be sufficient enough to create the true feel of polished plaster. Also, as it is durable option which wouldn’t require extensive maintenance from time to time, it would save you a look of money in the long run.


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