Tuesday, 1 August 2017

When to call a laptop repair service

The one mistake people make when their laptops stop working is instead of looking for a repair service for laptops in Rotherham, they throw their laptops away. This is wastage of a resource because these machines can be repaired easily with the help of laptop repair man or with no assistance at all. There are some ways to deal with a faulty laptop before calling a repair expert. Just know that if you do not find yourself capable of fixing your laptop, then call an expert or else you would damage it further.

Compressed air for overheating laptops
If a laptop is overheating, then it does not necessarily mean that there is an issue with the cooling fan. It could also mean that there could be dust clogged in the laptop and you would need compressed air to clean it out. Compressed air is easily available in the market in the form of cans and is very inexpensive. All you have to do is open the screws of the laptop and use the compressed air to blow out the dust.
Don’t forget where to put the screws when opening it. But if there is an issue with the cooling fan, call a repair man to examine the laptop.
Cleaning out the laptops
Most of the time, when our laptops get slowed down, it is due to the junk inside the machinery. The first thing is to check whether the antivirus is updated or not. Viruses in the laptop might be slowing it down. Disk defragmentation is very important because it fills the empty spaces in the hard drive. You should also check how much hard drive space you are using up overall. A hard drive that is fully used up will cause the computer to run slower so make sure you run a regular disk clean up.
Check the battery
This may seem like the obvious one but if the laptop does not turn on at all then before calling a repair service, check the battery. It might not be charging or may be giving very little stand by time. Try removing and then plugging it in again. There might also be a problem with the charger so test that with another laptop if another is available.

Keep in mind that these fixes might save some money on repairs but nothing beats the touch of a professional repair service so if you feel any doubt in your ability to open and fix the laptop yourself, then do not do it.


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